Christian Dating Pt3: Symptoms Of Ungodly Soul Ties

Christian Dating is difficult when both people are God focused. It is dangerous when God is not part of the relationship An ungodly soul tie is called an abusive relationship in our culture. Many Christians move from one bad relationship to another without understanding why. They are trying to fill a need that only God can fill. When you do this, you become vulnerable. Take a look at the following list and see if any of these apply to your situation.

• Obsessive preoccupation with another, to the neglect of the things of the Lord.
• Tendencies to be domineering and controlling in a relationship.
• Tendencies to be passive and apathetic in a relationship (easily manipulated).
• Inability to truly forgive from the heart.
• Another person’s voice playing over and over in the mind like a tape-recorder.
• Inability to bring a relationship under the godly order and control of the Holy Spirit.
• A slow erosion of what you believe is right.
• A change in your beliefs and faith
• A hardness of heart toward things of God
• Repeated anger, blame and accusations in a relationship.
• A focus on your pain, how you were mistreated, and how you were let down by the other person – especially when these are replayed over and over.
• Fear of being honest or speaking truth to another.
• Lack of communication that doesn’t result in an argument
• Expecting the relationship to focus on you, what you want, your desires.
• Depression
• Willingness to be controlled, abused, misused by the other person.
• Psychic or occultism within a relationship.
• Losing a sense of self as you work hard to become what the other person wants you to be.

Questions to ask yourself before entering into a relationship with another person:
1. Are they supportive of my beliefs and in agreement with them? Or, are they trying to teach me the ‘right’ way to believe.
2. Are they self centered? Do they see me as an ‘add on’ to their personality?
3. Are they givers or takers?
4. Do they tell me what they want me to do? Do they use anger, silence, or charm to manipulate me into doing what they want?
5. ** Do they practice what they preach? Do they live by the rules they obey?

The reason why you want to ask yourself these questions is simple. These 5 questions will tell you whether the person is governed by God, or their own selfish desires. A soul tie with them will make you vulnerable to abuse. Their mind is not open to God.

All our relationships should bring us closer to God.

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